Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian!! New Release!!

Have you Watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? Either you already watch or not, If you a Narnia Fan, You should play this game!! This is a little Review:

For Fall Line Studio's first game, Prince Caspian isn’t half bad. It's clear that a lot of work went into making the battles cool, but it's a bummer that the rest of the game isn't as fun or engaging. It's a short experience, but if kids are into the DGamer stuff and want those costumes they could devote considerably more time into it, even play the game again to get some stuff they missed. I'd love to see Fall Line do an RPG aimed at an older audience, since they have a really good template for a great strategic game. At the very least the next Chronicles game should come with a mode for those of us that are too old to return to Narnia.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Final Fantasy in WiiWare!!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is an upcoming Country Building RPG set to be released for Nintendo's WiiWare download service. It is available when the WiiWare channel goes live and cost 1500 Wii Points in Japan.

The game will take place after the events of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, in a remote area of the peaceful world the Crystal Caravans created. The king lost this realm to the Miasma and now tries to revive the country through a mysterious power called "Architecture" that he received from the crystal.

My Life as a King is a country building simulator in which the player will create a kingdom from the ground up. By using the crystals' power you must build a castle and surrounding town (along with a variety of different shops). Players can expand their kingdom by collecting taxes and hiring adventurers to go on quests.

For you, Final Fantasy Mania and Have a Wii!! You should play this game!! It is a must!!


War in your leasure time!! Drone Tactics !!

Bore when waiting new good game for nintendo Ds? This game should become your collection!! This is the game story...

Transported to an alien world, you find yourself in the middle of a great conflict. An army of evil Drones is on the march, threatening to obliterate the land of Cimexus. Its inhabitants now turn to you to lead them in battle against the Black Swarm. Each level offers new challenges, and taking full advantage of each Drone’s unique specialties will be the difference between success and defeat! Build and command your own Drone army – Wreak mechanical havoc with your squad of insect mechs, choosing from over 100 weapons, upgrades, and power-ups to optimize your forces. Conquer dozens of campaign operations and over 50 additional maps – Take on the forces of the Black Swarm then confront the challenges that wait in the mysterious Badlands. Battle for domination in head-to-head combat – Friends become enemies in local wireless play.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GTA IV hit the predict!!

Our predict is Right!! GTA is the Biggest entertainment launch ever!! GTA IV has become the most lucrative entertainment launch of all time – dwarfing best-ever releases in music, video and literature.

In the first Week, GTA IV sold six million unit!!! with an estimated retail value of more than $500 million. The title sold approximately 3.6 million units on its opening day with a retail value of approximately $310 million globally.

The previous biggest entertainment launch week was that of cinema blockbuster Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (2007), which took $404 million at the Box Office.

So, a whole world already buy Grand Theft Auto IV...
If you still don't have it You must buy it now!! Hurry!!!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Steven Spillberg New Game!! Boom Blox

Steven Spielberg Make his first game!! If you like his film you will like this game, too!!

BOOM BLOX may not be the best Wii game, depending on your proclivities, but it's definitely the best use of the Wii yet. It's immensely accessible, wonderfully tactile, and stands as one of the best treatments of gaming in a 3D space.

A physics-based puzzle game at its core, Boom Blox employs dozens of different variants on box-stacking, target-smacking, and tower-dismantling, executed via several hundred inspired setups. It adds up to an impressive variety in terms of the goals, the actions required to complete them, the properties of the blocks themselves, and the sheer volume of levels.
And whether you're tossing balls to knock over point blocks, carefully sliding individual pieces out from a larger stack or setting off elaborate the motion controls are subtle, responsive, and impeccably precise. The angle of each throw is dictated by where you place the cursor after positioning the camera, and the speed of your throw is reflected quite accurately using the Wii Remote's accelerometer (generally falling into one of three speeds). Boom Blox would be a tough sell with the imprecise motion controls that many Wii games fall victim to, but it so squarely nails every movement that you can forget about the controls and simply enjoy the experience.

Boom Blox is simply a laundry list of great features and options wrapped around an incredibly fun, expertly designed, and well-tuned puzzle game.