Sunday, May 4, 2008

Now your turn to become IRON MAN!!

Have you seen Iron-man Movie?? Either yes or not, You Should play this game!! This is the preview:

In this game of the film of the comic, you are the titular Iron Man - disabled billionaire inventor Tony Stark - in his rocket-booted iron suit, out to thwart evildoers. At heart it’s a shoot-’em-up with a great deal of air-to-surface combat, although you can land anywhere and punch things. Mostly though, the gameplay boils down to ‘shoot orange targets - blue targets optional’.The game doesn’t even start you off well - Iron Man’s graphics look their worst at ground level, so introducing you to the game without the ability to fly is, while chronologically accurate, a mistake. Once airborne, occasionally - through fast-changing objectives - you’ll lose track of what you’re doing, and the game will just keep respawning enemies until you figure it out. Tactical play is possible, with various useful abilities - re-routing power to your thrusters, life-support, weapons and melee attacks on the fly.

Also, the FMV camera has a habit of switching, at every opportunity, to whichever angle lets you best see down comic book pin-up Pepper Potts's top, even if that means watching a conversation from the ceiling. Well, reducing the sensitivity of the camera, prevents said camera from auto-locking onto every single enemy immediately. This makes Iron Man playable-ish.

Ready to Become Iron-Man? Grab this game!!


  • Accessible to casual gamers
  • Tactical choices with abilities
  • Decent plot and acting
  • Skill-free shooting
  • Respawning enemies
  • Jerky controls

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