Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to be a Master in Game (Winning Eleven)!!

It is Easy to be a Master in Game (Winning Eleven) Guys!!
There are many way to become a game master and I will tell to you the qualification to be a game master, not just in winning but you can apply this in all games!!

1. You must like the game!!
I think this is very important because if you don't like the game and enjoy it. it is not good to you although you mastered the game that you hate. For example, If you like winning eleven like me, You should know about, football and their stuff. Probably, I have a friend that like WE but dislike Football!! from the first game until forever with me he can't win. If you know football, you can learn the techniques and know who's the good players. And just information, I dislike horror games and I never play that kind of game.

2. Observe the game!
You should try to observe what is game serve to you. like in WE you can use tactics and control your player to more offense or defend. This is important to Upgrade your level to Masters level. First, maybe you only need to know about the basic strategy of the game, but when you play more longer, it is needed for you to know more expert part of your games. But if you already know the expert part of your games, it will improve your game significant (Trust me!!). From my experience, when I play WE, I just know how to subtitude players, then I learn how to make strategy and tactics.

3. You must want to learn and practice!!
After you like that game. This is the one important part too. when you know many about your game, it is worthless if you not try it. You can be a masters depend on how many times you train. the day before I play with my friend usually I train my skill, and play with computer first. You should train step by step from the easiest to hardest or you can train "shotting star", meaning you train directly to the hardest. In this type, surely you will lose many time from comp in the first time, but you will get their skill and trust significant.

4. Never give Up!!
This is important too. Because, if you give up, everything is over, and you will become a loser. So never give up. If you not give up, trust me you are the champion.

5. Share with others!!
Hey let's we share our skill!! because when we share with others, we can correct our mistake. (we never know our mistake before someone told us, don't u?) In the same way we can, improve our strong point. Let's share guys!!

This is my wise word, When opponent strong in offense, their defense must be weak. When they strong in defense, their offense must be weak. and if their offense and defense are strong, trust me their strong and defend are weak.


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