Monday, April 7, 2008

1990's game back, MYST!!! want to try?

If you owned a computer in the 1990s, then you've probably played Myst. The game came packaged in with many PCs and Macintoshes. It's a classic, to be sure. Last December, Europe got Myst on the Nintendo DS, and for the first time the world has been able to answer the question, "Dude, what if I could play Myst, like, outside?" Well hold on to your book pages, America, because you're about to get the chance, too.

In April Myst hits US shores, and we've already gotten a chance to try it out.

Guess what? It's Myst.

Really, we're not sure what else we can tell you. It's the same Myst that's been ported to nearly every system, and remade twice. Myst has been released no less than a dozen times since 1993.

For those that missed it (most likely because they were pre-natal), Myst was the first big, bestselling point and click adventure. It's what got the genre into the mainstream. The entire game is a first person adventure through a series of locales. There's little animation to speak of, and the focus is on puzzles and beautiful environments.

We'd get into the story of the game, but if you've never played Myst, it's best we keep our mouths shut. It involves you, a place called Myst, and a whole lot of mysteries and puzzles to solve.

For the DS, the world of Myst has been shrunk down to the handheld. The DS version has a few new tools, mostly to compensate for the conversion. Players are given a magnifying glass to check out the finer details in the game. The touch screen controls everything, so the controls don't feel much different from the PC version of the title.

The DS version of Myst also features a new playable Age, Rime. So old time fans of the game should have something new to check out this time around.

Gamers have less than a month to wait before they can get lost in the World of Myst. We've got some screens and videos to give any newcomers a sense of the game.


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