Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love your console, make it Undead video game consoles!

Video games plays a major role in a gamer's life. Without it, you may not be able to play some of your favorite games anymore. Luckily, Gamesive will give simple tips to maintain and make your video game console undead (More Durable)!!

Keep your console clean!!!

Dust is our main enemy. We must protect our console from these Danger things. Dust will make our console hardware dirty. Why? Dust will patch to console hardware and automatically will make our console work harder. I will reduce our console durability. Definitely, there are no tools that can protect our console 100% from this enemy (dust), my advice is you use several tools to protect and clean your console.

Don't be too rough on your console!!!

Believe or not, majority of gamers play game harshly. Consequently, your console, especially your stick will be broke. Just presses the stick buttons normally, don’t too hard. Be careful, console hardware consist many tiny components. If you still want to play your console, don’t to rough!! Don’t drop it from high place; it will ruin your console components.

Like I said before, you may need several tools to protect or clean your console. Now, I will tell you several Super Tools. Here it is!!

Note: I have tried it and it's great!!

Toothbrush - Your great simple weapon to clean small parts!!

PSP Optical Lens Cleaner - Clean your PSP lens!!

Hardware Lens Cleaner - Cleaning lens for all console, such as PS3, PC, etc!!

PSP Accessory Kit w/Shield/Lens Cleaner/Portalock - Super Complete Protection for PSP!!

Reusable Scratch Resistant Screen Guard Protector LCD - Simple protection for PSP screen

Scratch Repair System - Super tools!! You can fix your CD scratch!!

Disk Cleaner- Protect your Disk before it's scratch!!

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