Monday, April 21, 2008

New wii equipment!! Wii LCD!

I love playing Wii. If you are same, you should want to play it everywhere, every time! Now Chinavision is making it easier to bring your Wii with you everywhere you go.

They’ve created a Wii 7" LCD that attaches to the side of your Wii and folds down against the top of your console when not in use. They’ve taken care not to cut off ventilation to your console and to include picture controls that allow you to mount the monitor anywhere in your car and adjust the picture. The monitor comes with an AC power adapter and a cigarette lighter plug for you vehicle included for just over $100.

I’m wondering whether or not this included a sensor bar or not, as mounting it on top could be pretty precarious for the Wii’s most delicate component.

interest to Wii 7" LCD?

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