Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tips for *Buying Best Games* !!! (buy all game)

Buy Game is Important. Without your games, your console is unworthy. I GIVE you Important TIPS to Buy a Great Games!!

1. Get Information.
Before you buy games, it is better if you familiar with the games. First, you should look for information about the games. It is important, because you will know the detail about the game, the stories and the prices. The most important from the information are you will know the other gamers review and the games rank.

2. Friend recommendation.
If you have friends with similar hobbies or interest, you should ask them!! If they think the games are good, usually you will like the games, too!

3. Your Own Track!!
This is the most useful!! If you already play a game and you interesting with that game, you should remember that game!! If the second sequel release, YOU must grab it as soon as possible. WHY? The second sequel should be better than the first one. For example, I like Metal Gear Solid. So When the second Sequel Metal Gear Solid: Son of liberty Release, I Pre-Order it!! And From my experience, it is really great.

4. Give opinion about the games, too!!
Hey, let's help others with your review or comments about the games. We must spread information about good games to the others.

So, Ready to buy game? My last advice, you must buy game in a trusted site or place. Like . It is secure and VERY Complete. You can get information and record your own track!!


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