Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good And Bad News for Wii Gamers!!

The Good News!! The game that all Wii gamers wait was released!! Mario Kart Wii +Wii Wheel!! this is a summary of the review:

Mario Kart Wii is value for money (given the extraordinary amount of stuff on offer in this game) and is most importantly very good fun. Sadly the game looks hideous and is poorly presented and put together. The menu screens and the visuals really make you think “rush job” but when you get into the online game you’ll be hard pushed to find a game on any console as well put together as this game is online.

It is in that sense that Mario Kart Wii has been polished, has been well thought-out and is brilliant. Nintendo really need to get their arse together and start pushing the technology like they did with Super Mario Galaxy. Poor presentation should not be an issue in this generation of gaming, particularly with the other consoles doing it so well, but, thankfully for us (as Wii owners), this game is a living, breathing example of gameplay over graphics. Unfortunately, Mario Kart Wii +Wii Wheel only give you one wii wheel. So, if you want to play with your friend, you should buy one Official Nintendo Wii Wheel!!

The Bad News!! Nintendo will not cut Wii price soon!! Because, the demand of the nintendo Wii still High. Still want to buy Wii?

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