Monday, April 14, 2008

Keep Health, Gaming forever!!!

Negative impact of addiction game found again. The latest research found that person who addicted with game seen like with the autism patient.

That's result of study of Dr John Charlton from Bolton University. The doctor study to 400 player game, mostly boy. Then, all of them asked to play the online game named “Asheron's Call”. This study make a conclusion, more addiction the gamer, progressively looked to be its symptom, for example, reduce of self-confident and more individualist.

This kind of characteristic is different with characteristic of autism patient. Usually, autism patient have the difficulty social interaction or communication.

This finding was publicized in meeting of this British Psychological Society's. They made a conclusion that, one from 30 gamer got high addictions and need medical treatment to cure its.

The other research was children who use vibrant controller, potentially obtain pain in his bangle arm. It is same with the symptom that experienced by drilling worker.


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