Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dunk it!!! NBA: Chosen one!

Chosen One is set to bring the NBA Ballers sense of style to the system, as well as add some new features, including an improved combo system and some great new moves to keep the series up to date. After nearly a two-year absence, Chosen One is finally getting ready to return.

NBA Ballers: Chosen One doesn’t have an actual franchise mode like many basketball games. Instead, Chosen One has a story mode that requires you to create your own player and then take him through a series of episodes in order to obtain NBA glory. Each episode has specific objectives that don’t really fall into standard “five-on-five” basketball territory, with conditions that allow for no ball check and three players each vying for their own success and so on. The episodes are split into six different locations, each with their own “bosses,” NBA superstars like LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas. As you go through and complete missions within the episodes, you’ll earn points that will boost your statistics.

One of the big changes to the controls in Chosen One is the revamped combo system. The game features a button press mini-game (just as God of War) that allows you to take on an opponent and counter their combo. However, if you’re playing against a human opponent, they’ll also be able to react to your counters, but if you can hit the button faster than them, you’ll be able to stop them and steal the ball. Additionally, there are also super moves that you can gain by defeating the NBA Superstars that will allow you to perform some truly awesome looking feats on the court. All in all, the action in the game is very fast and intense.

Graphically, the game is a nice boost over the previous titles in the series. The character models and the animations look smooth. The sound effects are good (with commentary by Chuck D) and dynamic music that shifts depending who’s winning the game.
READY TO DUNK in PS3 or XBOX 360??


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