Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baroque Debut for PS2 and Wii

Baroque will debut in America as a remake for PS2 and Wii. This rogue like dungeon crawler positions the player as having committed an awful sin at the time of an apocalyptic heat wave; problem is, you've awoken without your memories or a way to speak. You're instructed by the cryptic Archangel to destroy the Meta-Beings crawling inside the creepy Neuro Tower in order to atone.

Weird as it sounds, the story has more depth and mystery to it than that, and for a random-dungeon RPG, Baroque has as much merit as similar games of its type, becoming quickly addictive despite its strict challenge. Of course, you lose all your progress when you die, but there are multiple save slots. You can gain an advantage on your next attempt by throwing items into "consciousness orbs" that send your tools back to the hub town, or by using Cursebringer Angels to fuse items and possibly create better ones, though both the orbs and Angels are hard to find, appearing every several floors.

While the dungeon RPG genre isn't super-popular, Baroque's horror-fantasy styling probably narrows the game's appeal more than the actual game. It's about as good-looking as a PS2 launch game, and features an annoying grain filter laid over the screen, but as long as you have an open mind towards Silent Hill-type imagery and/or crazy hack-and-slash games, Baroque might strike a chord!! Baroque for PS2 and Baroque for Wii, Try it!!

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