Monday, April 28, 2008

Disney High School Musical2: Work This out!!

Another Game from Disney Movie released again. This is a Great news for High School Musical Fans. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2: WORK THIS OUT (DS)!! Gamesive will give you a little Preview about this!!

With HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2: WORK THIS OUT! kids get to reenact the plot of the popular Disney TV movie High School Musical 2 where teens Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, Chad, and Taylor spend their summer working at Lava Springs Resort. During the story-building vignettes, the characters appear in the game as photos flashed across the top screen; but during gameplay, they become avatars that you control. By the end of the game, you will have walked (or danced) in all six characters' shoes. The heart of the game is the Adventure mode, where you relive six days of the summer spent at the resort. By playing through the adventure, you unlock content to be used in the other modes, which include Arcade (where you can play five fun minigames found in the adventure), Multiplayer (you can compete with a friend in quick-reflexes games), and Jukebox (where you can listen to 10 songs from High School Musical 2 even when the DS is closed).

Kids who are fans of High School Musical 2 will enjoy exploring this game. Ten songs from the movie are constantly playing in the background as you work your way through the adventure. You can even slip your closed DS in your pocket and continue to listen through headphones when you set it in Jukebox mode.

If you are a High School Musical Fan and have nintendo DS, You should Have this, right?


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